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Cleave them in twain with your overhead strike!


Note that all monsters come in a variety of sizes, but other than being bigger or smaller, there's not much difference. No matter where you go, you'll probably find a few Grull. Rather stupid, and cowardly in the face of extremely overwhelming firepower. There are several types of Grull scattered throughout the lands, most distinguished only by being texture-swapped versions of another Grull. Club Grull: These are the wimpy little things you'll be first encountering.

They carry wooden clubs with a couple of iron spikes on them. Mace Grull: These are slightly more powerful than their club-wielding brethren, and use a flanged metal mace as their smash stick. Fire Grull: These guys have developed enough intelligence to use a rudimentary magic, and show it off by hurling spheres of red energy at you repeatedly. Get too close and they try and backhand you. Cleaver Grull: These Grull actually seem to know what they're doing, as they carry a metal cleaver about the size of their leg.

However, other than hitting a little harder than Club or Mace types, they're just as stupid. Ice Grull: Just like the Fire Grull, only they fire orbs of blue energy that can freeze you in place. Grull Kong: Giant cousins of the Grull, these creatures attack by slapping at you or throwing things at you. It's best to keep your distance, dodge their projectiles, and fill them with arrows or magic. I've coined the term Kong for them, as they remind me quite a lot of Donkey Kong, what with the whole throwing barrels thing.

Both Wartoks and Grull possess the power of speech, and occasionally a Grull will spot you and run away to attract the attention of a couple Wartoks. The instruction book lists them as "Wartoks," but about half the time they're mentioned in-game, there's a C in there. Axe Wartoks: These are the basic, vanilla Wartok. Charge at you and swing. Carry rather large iron axes.

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Shield Wartoks: These are a bit tougher, as they're outfitted with a shield as well. The shield will generally protect their left side and front, so try and hit them in the axe arm or the back. They, too, carry an axe. Fire Wartoks: Carry no weapons, but fire balls of flame at you. Will swipe at you at close range.

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Basically the same as Fire Grull. Snotmaw: An enormous Wartok, carrying a spiked shield and huge cleaver. Invisible Wartok: Looks like a standard Axe Wartok, except after swinging at you, he'll waver and disappear. Note that sometimes he'll glitch upon reappearance and his axe will be invisible until you hit him. They can usually be easily spotted because of their glowing red eyes. Like to partially submerge in the swamp and appear to be round, green, moving logs with glowing red eyes. Camouflage is not their strong suit. Green Trogs: Your basic Trog.

Brown Trogs: A larger, brown version of the Trog. More hit points, but just as easily killed. Trog Mages: Carry a staff, and shoot balls of lightning at you. The balls of lightning fire off secondary bolts as they fly, so you won't be safe just rolling out of the way. Toadfist: Another boss. A good combination of magic and melee attacks, but still, he's the first real boss of the game, thus incredibly easy.

Fiercely territorial, they will attack any foreign dragon to enter their area.

Draken in the North Sea storm

Of course, since Arokh's the only foreign dragon around, you'll be the one they attack. Launch balls of fire at you. They generally attack in pairs, which can make dodging a bit difficult. Can be found in Surdana, Kragmor, and the Andrellian Isles. Blue Blackwings: Inhabit the frozen reaches of Ravenshold.

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Just like Fire Blackwings, only they shoot light blue breath. Redwings: Well, I guess that's what they're called. Fire pink balls that trail yellow rings. Mottled Icewings: Lairing in the skies over Shiverbane, these aerial menaces have the power to freeze Arokh solid, thus ensuring a smashing demise on the rocky ground below. Try using mountains as cover, and keep moving. Griffins: Okay, not a dragon, but still belongs in the "Deadly flying thing" category. Large creatures, like the mythical griffin, part eagle, part lion.

Fire intensely homing shots of yellow energy. They wear saddles and armor, so there's the possibility they were the flying steeds for the Dark Union. Mezzidrel: This is actually more a sea serpent than a dragon. Fire homing shots of dark breath. They also install elevators and mechanical doors in their fortresses.

Of course, Grull do not have a monopoly on mechanical enemies. Exploding Barrels: Well, these aren't really an enemy OR mechanical, but they fit best here. Tapered barrels etched with eldritch symbols. When struck or shot, they explode, damaging everything in the blast radius and setting things on fire.

No Prisoners

There is NEVER any treasure in an exploding barrel, so either avoid them entirely, or only use them to blow up nearby enemies. Explosive Crossbows: Anti-dragon artillery. These fire explosive rockets at you. Easily destroyed with two or three shots. Catapults: Not meant for anti-dragon artillery, but used in that fashion anyway.

Launches exploding balls in an arc.

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Again, two or three shots will take one out. Fireball Trap: Not exactly an enemy, but it can hurt you. Fires flaming balls down the middle of the hallway. Stay to one side to avoid them. A set of spinning blades traveling down a hallway.

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Backed up by a set of spikes shooting from the wall in the nearest safe alcove. Ice Shooters: Encountered in the frozen realms of Shiverbane, these magical cannons fire twisting bolts of ice towards you. Only slightly more difficult than Explosive Crossbows. Where there's one, there's more.