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Not quite a comedy, but still funny in that it resonates strongly of real-life scenarios, this is a good one to get people talking.

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I can see this being used in a civics class to introduce a variety of topics in a new way, and to take some of the polarization out of these conversations. After reading Doodling I came into this story with high expectations, and I definitely wasn't disappointed.

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Read and enjoy! Overall Grade: A reviewed the day of purchase. Cassie reviewed on on Sep.


The Triplifers naturally argue that the leaves have three points, while the Quadrigons insist they have four points. He vows to get to the bottom of things, going so far as consulting the top professors of the Flooderversity. No one seems to have the information he needs regarding the leaves, and he returns home disheartened. Soon, he runs into his nemesis, Fargeeta, and in a moment of desperation drags her to his terribly overgrown side of the Tree.

With a new perspective, the two team up to set things straight in the Tree for good. I received an advanced copy of Flidderbugs for review. I have to say I like this one even better than Doodling. Regardless, Jonathan is an exceptionally talented and creative writer! For the Flidderbugs, the Krephiloff Tree is their entire world. I just think that is so incredibly cute, and by Gould being so clever to add little elements such as that, it gives the story even more depth and dimension. The characters are impeccably fleshed out; I knew exactly what they were each about through every part of the story.

I had no trouble whatsoever imagining myself in the Krephiloff Tree, Fleedenhall, or Flooderversity. My absolute favorite character was the philosophical Professor Yangbelu. The leaf is us, and yet we are not the leaf. The leaf is other but only when we see it as such, for in becoming the other, it becomes us and so we become it. Of course, as with any politics, there are those in the middle who ultimately must choose sides. The majority of the time, it is greed which fuels this disparity. This story is no different.

The moral is it is the foundation that counts, and unbalance eventually leads to collapse. We could certainly learn a lot of lessons from our Flidderbug friends. We are all human, we all live on this earth together, and we are all ultimately responsible for each other. Young adults and adults can read it, and they will LOVE it too! There is something for everyone to learn and enjoy. Katy Sozaeva reviewed on on Sep. Kriffle and Fargeeta are the children of the leaders of the two opposing tribes, and they are being groomed to take over the leading roles since their respective fathers are aging.

The question is — are there three points on each leaf, or four points? Each side will devoutly declare themselves as speaking the truth, and their opponents as lying. Who will win? What will happen? And why is the tree making such strange, rumbling noises lately? You have to read to find out. The beauty of this story is its subtle poking at modern politics and religious dogma. Gould manages to tell an entertaining story and still get his ideas across quite clearly.

Now something is threatening the Tree and to get to the bottom of it they must put aside beliefs held since time immemorial.

I loved this little tale. It was short and sweet and I think it would appeal to all ages. I loved the characters, I could see the bugs in my head and I personified them!

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All in all a great little story that I heartily recommend. Report this book. I had fun trying to say words like Pharsheesh, Pergle-brots, Parghwum, and the rather tricky Hargh Gryghrgr out loud.

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Magnus is a little Kertoob in a big world and with more courage than he knows. His main companion Shaindor is a beautiful Cherine, but he also befriends Klugrok one of the race of ugly Glurgs. These two races are mortal enemies, and as Magnus discovers, the only reason behind their conflict is cultural differences and misunderstanding.

To the Cherines, anything ugly must be evil, and to the Glurgs anything that prides itself on its beauty is evil. And indeed, we do see the ugly side of the beautiful Cherine race. So, in true Dr Seuss style, there is an important message for adults and children alike. I give it 5 stars and urge you to buy it immediately.

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Notify me of new posts via email. Flidderbugs by Jonathan Gould My rating: 4 of 5 stars Because everybody knows that the leaves on the Krephiloff Tree had three points. Like this: Like Loading Pingback: Flidderbugs Alexandria Publishing Group. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in:.