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It's a mystery box that the same ragtag group of space adventurers opens each week. Before we had five times more channels and streaming options than just episodes of TOS , old-school television wasn't boxed into niche genres and a show like Star Trek could be about everything. The Orville just wants to emulate that. But also it was paving new ground in television that only Seth MacFarlane understands.

For fans, that newness through it's ability to remix a little bit of everything may be exactly what they're looking for. With streaming services crowding the TV space with new series every week, new shows need to stick out in some way to survive, and The Orville is a show that defies trends, for better or worse.

It's not another show about a murder investigation, it's not about a doctor who's outstanding in their field but whose personal life is a mess and it's not about a person with special powers. And because one scene of The Orville can feature a gag about aliens singing the Titanic soundtrack and U-turn to discussion of the destruction of entire planets and species, it also appeals to two groups of fans who can show up in droves, tone be damned — the growing number of proud self-professed sci-fi geeks and the reliable fans of low-brow comedy.

We're bringing in a whole groups of people who would normally not be in the same boat watching the same shows. It's just that those people aren't critics. Not that The Orville would want it any other way. And that will make fans happy. The Season 1 finale is scheduled for Dec. Sign up and add shows to get the latest updates about your favorite shows - Start Now.

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Keep track of your favorite shows and movies, across all your devices. With a blue short-sleeved oxford over a gray sweatshirt, he looked less like a convict than like an uncared-for professor of math. Like a professor, he had come prepared. He flipped open a pocket folder and spread across the conference table notes, outlines, and documents. He spends much of the afternoon on projects of his own.

It takes its title from Solzhenitsyn, and is mostly about prison life, although his work has explored other topics, too. Soering composes mainly on wide-ruled binder paper, with Bic Cristal pens. Because he makes carbon copies of each letter he sends, for his files, he is used to pressing hard enough to score two pages, and his conversation mimics this penmanship style.

Soering thinks that his trial was a travesty: a weak and circumstantial case that went unchallenged owing to ineptitude and bias. The slaughter of the Haysoms appeared risky, messy, personal. At her hearing, Haysom was asked about allegations that she had been sexually abused by her mother. She denied them. But Nancy Haysom had taken photographs of her daughter nude, ostensibly as a model for painting, and Elizabeth had showed the photographs to Soering during a visit to Loose Chippings.

He thought that the abuse, which Haysom now acknowledges, could be a motive. During the Saturday lunch at the train-themed restaurant, Soering says, Haysom confessed that she was using heroin again. As a result, she owed money to her dealer. To pay the debt, she had arranged to pick up a drug shipment in D. Her forearms bore red-brown smears. Soering says that she pleaded with him to use the movie-ticket alibi to cover her. Haysom denies this entire account. On the night of his sentencing, Soering says, he put a plastic bag over his head and tied it in place with a shoelace.

He panicked and broke the bag before he could harm himself, and the horror of his prison life went on. Following his time in the Bedford County jail, he was incarcerated at the Southampton Reception and Classification Center, and then, in , at Mecklenburg, near the southern border of the state. From to , Marshall was a deputy attorney general of Virginia. She is a brisk, unflappable woman with a shock of white hair clipped close on one side and swept edgily over the ear on the other.

Soon afterward, a former deputy sheriff in Bedford County approached her.

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Within days of the murders, he said, he had picked up two vagrants in Bedford: not long after the crime, there had been a multiple-stab-wound murder in nearby Roanoke, and he was suspicious. He had let the men go, but later discovered a knife in the back seat of his car. Like gloved handprints, they lack dermal ridges—marks of skin-to-surface contact that show what part of the foot struck where, and whether it moved, distorting the outline. She filed a federal habeas petition with the U. District Court, which acknowledged procedural errors but disagreed that they were significant.

When the U. Court of Appeals for the Fourth Circuit denied the petition, too, she went to the U. Supreme Court. The case was never taken up. Virginia prisons weigh misconduct in infraction points, which can accrue from behavior as innocuous as sleeping through an early-morning head count. Even placid prisoners often end up with a few, but Soering, after more than twenty-five years, has none.

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In that time, his spirits crashed. His mother had died, from alcoholism, and he blamed himself. Listening to music began to make him too sad, so he started reading intensively. The technique was intended as a purification of the spirit, but for Soering, who had been obsessing over Haysom and the crime, it also served as a cleansing of the mind.

On Easter, , he was confirmed as a Catholic. The first long text examined was from Luke 4: the temptation of Christ.

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A visitor to the prison offered to distribute the manuscript to publishers. Rejections flooded back, but Father Thomas Keating, a Trappist monk and centering-prayer advocate, saw the book as a triumph, and he passed it to an editor at Lantern Books. Soering, who had run a centering-prayer group and a Tai Chi class behind bars, was reborn as something other than a teen-age killer.

In , he returned from breakfast one morning to find that his cellmate had hanged himself. In the style of a sociology monograph, Soering wove a counterintuitive argument that prison reform ought to be a cause for the fiscally minded political right. He drew on statistics to describe costly growth in the prison population.

In his next two works, Soering split the difference between his cause and his faith, even as the latter was tested.

During a family squabble about the home, Klaus Soering cut off contact. Repatriation would not require Soering to be declared innocent or fit for release. But a letter of family support would help his case when applying for approval. In , Soering wrote to his father, requesting a note. He was told that Klaus was too infirm to submit one. His uncle supplied one instead, but the repatriation request was denied. The next morning, he woke up feeling empty. His belief in God, he knew, had gone. And, in spite of going through the motions of centering prayer every day for nine months, he was unable to get it back. The decision about whether to repatriate Soering starts with the Virginia governor.

The Governor told Sullivan and Malone that he did not think that Soering was innocent. There would have to be a prison-to-prison transfer, and the Germans had to promise that Soering would stay locked up for a period of time. Lawyers in both countries raced to design a legal bridge to meet these requirements. Soering, then serving out his twenty-ninth year, had already exceeded the equivalent German punishment for his crime, and the German courts worked up a mechanism to award him a special, extra-long sentence.

A path was ready by late December, and, on January 12, , Kaine informed Attorney General Eric Holder that he consented to the repatriation. Of forty-two examined samples, thirty-one were so degraded that DNA typing was not possible. Eleven offered some information, but not enough for a match; the blood could have come from the victims. Much of it was male.