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A source reduction approach is challenging for swimming pools, because the swimmers themselves are the largest source of nitrogenous substrates and a substantial source of organic matter necessary for DBP formation. How do we who operate and control pools, balancing this threat against the good that pools do in the health of the nation? The golden age of lidos in the UK was in the s, when outdoor swimming became popular, and were built across the UK as recreational facilities by local councils.

Many have since closed, a significant loss to our health and welfare infrastructure. Today, lidos and outdoor pools are enjoying a renaissance with an increasing number are being rescued, with additional active campaigns to rescue even more. Emma and Janet Wilkinson have written a guide to many of our lidos hoping to inspire people to visit, and enable them to plan those visits. We will look also at the challenges some lidos face in terms of maintaining basic water quality but how many are embracing new technology in filtration, disinfection and heating systems creating sustainable solutions for tomorrow.

The take up of pools prepared to go through the Poolmark assessment process has been abysmal. However, showing your pool is up to the mark is probably one of the most customer orientated decisions an operator can take, exercising confidence in a pool and giving customers assurance not provided in any other way. PWTAG have now come up with a new way to access PoolMark that is both cost effective and less administratively demanding and Robin Mitchell will explain this is more detail.

All biocidal products to be placed on the market require an authorisation, and authorisation cannot be obtained until the active substances contained in that biocidal product have been approved. In the past swimming pools have been subjected to many weird and wonderful biocides, some of which worked whilst others were positively dangerous.

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What impact are these regulations to have on swimming pool operation? Free chlorine does more than disinfect it also oxidises. The experienced operator knows that the surest way to achieve crystal clear water with a blueish hue is through free residual chlorination, because of the ability of free chlorine to react quickly with organic matter, bleaching it. This ultimate clarity or polished appearance is from the free available chlorine and not from filtration. To top up you must email in to bills yourplaceuk. Smart Meters. If for any reason you have pre-pay SMART meters and you allow them to run out of credit, you will be responsible for any losses due to not having sufficient power to the property.

To reset a meter after it has run out you will need to follow the on-screen instructions. For the Gas you will need to Press the B button twice and then as above.

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TV Licence. You can buy a TV licence by calling This area is monitored very tightly due to the student demographic and TV licensing officers will call at the property during the autumn if the house does not have a licence. ALL broadband issues are to be reported to broadband yourplaceuk. Should your service be interrupted for any reason that is not directly responsible by the Agency or Landlord, you will not be reimbursed for loss of service or slower speeds.

Be aware that at peak times speeds of connection will vary. This will also be dependent on how you connect to your service and how many devices are connected at any one time. Your Place will not be responsible for the speeds of connection. All hardware including cables and filters must be accounted for and in full working order.

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Failure to do so will result in a charge from the supplier. General Information. It is important to ensure that the property is kept clean throughout your tenancy to prevent Pest Control issues. Your household waste will be collected using your purple general waste bin and blue recycling bin. Remember that if a blue bin is contaminated with non-recyclable waste then the council may not empty it, and there may be a charge for an external company to do so. If your property does not have a wheelie bin when you move in you must contact Liverpool Direct as soon as possible to request one.

Liverpool Direct will also provide you with an alley gate key should you need one. You can contact Liverpool Direct on to make any such arrangements. It is also the responsibility of the tenant to regularly clean the inside of the windows where practical and safe to do so. We ask that you do not leave a kitchen appliance on overnight. Dishwashers, washing machines and tumble dryers are some of the biggest causes of house fires in the UK. The reason for yearly Portable Appliance Test PAT carried out on all appliances is to reduce the risk of electrical faults.

Please make sure to only have big kitchen appliances running while you are aware of them in the property. It is important for you to understand the difference between building and content insurance and what is and is not covered. Building Insurance. Buildings insurance covers the structure of the property only and does not cover the contents of a property.

Content Insurance. Your Place now offers free contents insurance for all tenants. The content insurance cover will be arranged with Endsleigh and the full policy can be accessed at any time via www. Please note: If a disaster occurs that results in the property becoming uninhabitable, e.

If no such property is available, we are able to cancel your contract and refund you any rent you may have already paid in anticipation of your stay. Fire and Electrical Safety. Fire and Electrical Safety Advice for Students. With the many exciting distractions of life in a student property, fire and electrical safety are unlikely to feature high on the list of priorities.

However, it is vital that certain safety standards are upheld. Laws Ensuring Tenant Safety. Fire and electrical safety is a major issue in private rented accommodation, so much so that the government has gone to the trouble of publishing laws to protect tenants.

The laws that affect student residents depend on the number of people residing in, and the size of the property. To stay on the right side the law, the landlord of a licensable HMO property must provide:. Smoke Detection. This is the best type of system for a student property, it requires minimum maintenance and causes less false alarms than a Fire panel system. You will see a smoke alarm in communal areas and in some cases, you may have a smoke detector in your bedrooms as well. These smoke alarms are interlinked which means if one was to be activated then the others would sound as well giving early warning to all areas of the property.

These alarms also have a battery backup in case of electrical failure which can happen during a fire, which will allow the alarms to continue sounding. Under no circumstances should you remove a smoke alarm from its base as this could compromise the integrity of the early warning system and put yours and the lives of your housemates at risk. Door Safety. In accordance with the law, the landlord should also have paid particular attention to the doors in the property. All internal doors, apart from the bathroom, should have automatic door closers, and be tight fitting with strips around the edges.

If thought has been given to the privacy of residents and locks have been fitted on bedroom doors then there should be a thumb turn lock, to enable inhabitants to exit quickly in an emergency. For the same reason the front door may have a thumb turn lock.

Electrical Safety. The original electrical safety test certificate issued by a recognised qualified engineer will be available in the office and a copy will be available upon request. But when check in said havent pay yet, very trouble.

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Extra comfy bed. The hotel booked a taxi to the airport and charged us more than market fare. Although we paid the reservation in advance, we were required to pay an additional amount without justification or we would not be able to get into the car. The hotel staff was not willing to respect the price and just wanted us to pay more to get into the car. Otherwise, they told us to go out to find another car by ourselves at am!!!

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This was a very bad experience and left us with very bad taste of this hotel. In general, we had a nice stay. Clean room and very well located.

I wish I would have stayed longer. The owner and everyone working there are really kind and helpful. I stayed there for one Night. Perfect for sleep after a long night. Uncomplicated stay and very fast check in.

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I've been in Thailand before and I don't think it is the Land of Smiles anymore. Now it's like, you'll get a smile depending on how much you give them. I booked a ferry trip from Phuket to Ao Nang for baht for 3 people just outside the hotel. It went alright until we reached Ao Nang. We've waited more than one hour to go off with the transfer with a very rude driver with a very bad english.

Karon Beach with jellyfish. Error: Please enter a valid email address. Error: Oops! An error has occurred. We've sent you an email so you can confirm your subscription. Invite hosts List your property. We have more than 70 million property reviews, and they're all from real, verified guests.