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Live captions are perfect for adding descriptions to images placed within an InDesign document. InDesign uses the metadata from an imported file and generates a text frame. For example, if you have a contact sheet set up from an image library you can use Live Caption to automatically add descriptions to each frame. If you are interested in saving time, read on. This tutorial will show you how to make fully editable tables with rounded corners in InDesign, quickly and easily. An index can give any published title authority, as well as increased usability, yet some designers are still none the wiser about how best to create one.

You probably use Paragraph Styles to format text. Nested Styles takes it a step further by allowing you to set up multiple styles within a paragraph, based on criteria that you specify. Taking some time to create a Nested Style upfront will save you lots of time in the long run.

This feature has the potential to virtually cut out imposition time and for that reason it should not be overlooked. As print machines, paper sizes and ways of working vary I will try to keep this tut as generalised as possible. However the tut will be easier to follow if your design is portrait, saddle stitched stapled and contains eight pages or more.

Often times when it comes to preparing files for a printer it can get really complicated really fast. The function is called packaging. Here is how to package a file and what it does exactly. This is an advanced tutorial commissioned especially for Graphic Design Week. Want to learn how to make an ad that could go into a magazine? Jump into Adobe InDesign with this real-world tutorial on creating a print-ready ad.

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In this tutorial, It will ll explain how to do an easy setup in InDesign for automatically numbered tickets. With InDesign CS5 at the core, you can now author your layouts, including interactive content, and export it out in the new.

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This is an introduction to InDesign and no previous knowledge is required. This is a simple project put together to help get you started with InDesign. This technique will work in InDesign CS or later. This technique would also will work in Illustrator, with minor modifications. In my opinion, Adobe InDesign is the best layout software available. If you have Adobe InDesign CS2 or later or an earlier version, though some steps may be slightly different , you can follow along with this three-part tutorial in creating a small four-page magazine, in order to learn a few techniques and concepts along the way.

Use the power of grid based designs to create a structured and professional page layout in InDesign, which can then be populated with a range of information to produce a polished CV or Resume. When it comes to typography, everyone has their own preferences, from typefaces to weight to alignment. This is a beginner level tutorial and by no means meant for print. It gives you a small intro into tabs, style sheets and glyphs. In this tutorial I will walk you through the complete process of designing a simple brochure, getting it ready for print and then actually uploading it to a commercial online printer, checking the proof and seeing the finished product.

It also offers you a number of different methods you can use to generate captions, controlling the look, location and style of the caption. Post some of them on hackr would you. It would then take me less time to judge which ones are better and which ones are not.

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Really long list of resources you got here. Following are the best 6 tutorial and certification courses for InDesign up to date for It also includes free ones. Do check and see if it is helpful for you.

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But the list is very useful because I decided to start to learn it professionally. Tutorials 60 best tutorials for learning InDesign June 20th, Best collection for designer who are stay learning period. If you prefer to have misspellings highlighted as you type, you can activate the Dynamic Spell Checker, which highlights misspelled words with a colored underline, much like Microsoft Word. To these, InDesign CS2 adds the following:. You can drag the snippet file icon onto any page of any InDesign file, and the contents reappear, exactly like the original.

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Snippets open up some intriguing workflow possibilities. For example, you could store commonly used or repeated page elements on a central server, ready to assemble Tinker-Toy style into finished pages. Because of their small size, you can email snippets to others to work on sections of documents off-site. When the snippets return, you can drag them back into the main document. One way to display snippet thumbnails is with the new Bridge.

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Bridge, a separate application bundled with InDesign CS2, could fill an article on its own. The Bridge also dovetails with Version Cue 2, the file version manager included with the Creative Suite 2. Those who produce long documents that are updated frequently will welcome Anchored Objects previously known as Inline Objects. An anchored object can be a text frame, graphics frame, or any combination of grouped objects. The object is anchored to a specific text location, but you may place the object anywhere on the page. When the text moves to a new page, the object moves with the text.

Placement on the new page is governed by the rules in the Anchored Objects dialog box. Importing highly-formatted Microsoft Word files into complex page layouts has always been a challenge. It greatly simplifies the workflow between writers, editors, and production designers. Place the PDF pages with sequential clicks of the mouse or, through an included script, each PDF page can automatically be placed on the next page of the InDesign file. Among other advantages, this allows a baseline grid to be applied even when a frame is rotated.

In some ways, these small changes affect my day-to-day experience more than the major features reviewed above. Here are a few of my favorites:. The only features of importance offered by Quark 6.

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Users of InDesign 2. I have not used the new program yet. In importing multi-page PDF, used to remember last page imported allowing one click to import next page. No longer does, requiring more clicks. I suppose these are relatively minor, but they represent actions that come up all the time in my work flow and therefore are extremely irritating, even if not exactly debilitating…. The Quick Apply palette. The Apply Next Style option is a huge timesaver for repetitive paragraph formatting.