Love Under Two Adventurers [The Lusty, Texas Collection] (Siren Publishing Menage Everlasting) (The Lusty, Texas Series)

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Leave your hurt in the hands of the One whose hand gave sight to the the blind , and He will heal your wounded heart. Put your financial desires in the hands of the One who owns everything , and He will give you peace and security. Put your personal view in the hands of the One whose perspective is perfect and He will give you clarity.

Just as an effective relay racer places the aluminum baton in the hand of their teammate—make a clean exchange with Christ. Hand off all to Jesus—whose hand is on your life—and faithfully run the race of life with the One who gave His life for you.


His Perfect Timing. Grateful for you, Gwynne.

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I Corinthians Love, by nature, is patient. What is said, what is done or not done receives a pass embedded in the relationship. Lovers [ Luke Culturally, we love to create palatable versions of Jesus, sticking with the parts of his life and ministry that we find most agreeable [ Psalm God reigns over the entire earth. He is not just the God of the east or the God of the west. He is the God of the north, south, east [ June 20, You can handle everything on my list.

We will be able to overcome our anxieties and experience the peace of God knowing that He is the One who holds it all together. Your old self is buried and gone. You are a glorious new creation in Jesus! So walk forward in faith, confident in what God has done and continues to do to make you who you are meant to be.

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Afternoons with Bill Arnold on April 22, God promises to transform us into the very perfection of His Son. But this amazing process does not happen overnight; it happens over a lifetime. Afternoons with Bill Arnold on March 15, It's time to free ourselves from believing we can be good enough to earn God's love, or that we're too far gone for grace to save.

Afternoons with Bill Arnold on March 8, Not only do we have the promise of eternal life with Jesus in our future, but victorious resurrection life starts right now! Afternoons with Bill Arnold on February 8, We can imagine ourselves in their words. While aspects of the psalms are sometimes foreign, at the same time, they may reach across time and distance and take root in our souls.

We are drawn in by the way the psalms open the human soul before God. Making the psalms an anatomy of my soul gives me a way to express my faith and my fears to God.

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Today, Psalm 31 gives us the opportunity to explore and express our lives of faith. Patrick Miller notes that there is another hand active in Psalm the hand of the enemy that threatens in verses 8 and As with Allstate, you are in good hands with God.

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Both of these statements of trust are surrounded by cries for deliverance. Why are there enemies out there? Why does the psalmist lament his failing health? What is the relationship between trust and need, or faith and fear? The relationship between trust and need is direct in Psalm It is trust that enables the petition.