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Maureen Callahan

White Wine True Crime! Additionally, the L. What Did You Do? True Crime Garage The pinnacle of best-friend vibes. The premise is delightfully simple: two friends in their garage, drinking beer, talking true crime. Recommended episodes: the Lululemon Murder and the Lauren Spierer case, parts one and two. Serial Killers Just like the name suggests, Serial Killers is about serial killers. Cults Cults devotes two episodes to every cult, ensuring a thorough story each time. Not only do they cover the outfits that you already know about, like the Branch Davidians , but also the lesser known one that will make you question everything you thought you knew.

Also, shoutout to some other Parcast titles worth listening to: Female Criminals and Conspiracy Theories. Episodes: 44 Length: 1 hour or less. Working in its favor: incredible research and top-notch production. Episodes: 89 Length: 1 hour or more. Sword and Scale What sets this apart from most of its peers is its inclusion of primary documents like calls, witness evidence, and interrogation tapes, which all help to tell a fuller story. Generation Why Hosts Aaron and Justin deliver fact-filled but approachable discussions of some truly horrific moments throughout history — and they cover more than murder, too, with subjects ranging from Brock Turner to Jeffrey Dahmer to the Scream Murder.

Highly addictive. True Crime Historian Host Richard O Jones brings long-forgotten cases back into the present, retelling them with an eye toward what makes them important, then and now. Incredibly raw, emotional, and not for the light of heart. Episodes: 22 over 3 seasons Length: Less than 30 minutes. What gives this podcast its special sauce is that it tends to focus on contentious cases where guilt or innocence is not so simple to answer.

What more do you really need to know? Okay, a little more info: They also focus on the behavioral profiles of its cases.

'I never, ever expected foul play': What happened to Belinda Peisley?

Call it a highbrow Criminal Minds. Each episode features the detectives who broke the case and real-life audio. Not sold? Well, the show is also anchored by identical-twin detectives Dan and Dave. Crime in Color Host Keyerra will bring you weekly episodes featuring cases involving people of color, always keeping the victims, the survivors, and the wrongly convicted in sight.

Needless to say, these stories are important, and more of them should be heard. Brought to you by Parcast, it follows a format similar to its other titles see: Cults in which stories are broken out into two parts, all with incredible detail and in-depth research. The big difference: Unsolved Murders takes on an old-school-radio style, with storytelling aided by acted-out bits of dramatization.

Think War of the Worlds meets Serial. The Vanished The Vanished is absolutely heartbreaking. Bring your tissues.

Bobby Fry – Forensic Files Now

The show aims to shed light on those who are gone and bring public attention back to their cases. From the very first episode, listeners will find themselves running an emotional gauntlet. We may hope that Marjorie Nugent is beyond all this, in a place of light and peace. It was a week before Thanksgiving in when Bernie finally snapped.

When I asked him what happened that day, he became defensive and visibly frustrated for the only time in our two-hour visit, waving his hands in the air, letting out an exasperated sigh. Is that some kind of dissociative disorder?

ISBN 13: 9780786019106

Somebody called it that. Do I shelve some thoughts and put them away? Of course I do.

Just like you do. But during the trial, Bernie described the day in detail. Before he left, he noticed a Browning. Bernie moved it into a bathroom near the garage. He came back to the house around 10 a. She was in the garage, ahead of Bernie, when she stopped to pet her dog, Bo, a Chow mix. Bernie took the rifle from the bathroom and shot Aunt Marge in the back. She fell after the first shot but was still breathing. Bernie shot her three more times. He dragged her body down a hallway and into the utility room where the Amana deep freezer was waiting.

He removed enough food so that Aunt Marge — 5 feet 2 inches tall — would fit. He hosed away the blood in the garage, found the spent rifle shells and threw them away. He left the rifle by the freezer. And then he went on with his day. Everyone who saw Bernie that day — for that matter in the days and weeks that followed — said he seemed just fine, as if nothing in his life had changed. On the inside? He has gone through the scenarios a thousand times in his head. She was, after all, an year-old woman with a bad temper and a heart condition.

He could have just waited her out. Or he could have disposed of the body. But none of those things occurred to me, because it was not premeditated.

True Crime Real Stories - MOM SAID KILL : How A Mother Turned Her Children Into Stone Cold Killers

It was not my intention to kill her that day. I never thought it through. He knew that, eventually, someone would find her. He convinced himself that would be for the best. In the meantime, he continued to spend her money on himself, on others, on the town. He bought several planes and hangars and installed them at the Panola County airport.

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He bought cars for at least 10 people. Good gracious, how many zillions of times must she have said it. He started telling people that Aunt Marge was in Ohio , visiting her sister. Or that she was in the hospital, having suffered a stroke that left her speechless.

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They were looking for evidence of where Marge might be, a hospital bill perhaps. They found her in the freezer instead. The deputies put the freezer, its contents undisturbed, on the back of a pickup truck and hooked it up to a generator. But not for as long as I have. But I want to feel the grass under my feet. I want something other than concrete. I want to step on carpet again.