Love Under Two Adventurers [The Lusty, Texas Collection] (Siren Publishing Menage Everlasting) (The Lusty, Texas Series)

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Demon's Souls: This Is Sparta (First Play Through Part 2)

How dare she end this book just when I was on the edge of my seat! Hold on tight, this book does not disappoint! Now first, Riona. Come on! Stop denying what you know you feel for Jerry. You will be too!

The Red Dragon is Still the Best Dragon

Now back to Riona. Oh Jerry, once Pure Soul turned demon, now you are…. Well, I cannot tell you what he is. That would mean I would have to spoil some pretty juicy gossip! Needless to say he has redeemed himself in this installment. This book was nothing short of great! I cannot go too far into what I liked about this book, again I would be a spoiler.

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This book stands alone on its own plane! View 2 comments. Mar 13, Rosa rated it really liked it. And why are u reading a review for the second book If u haven't read the first? Spoil sport. Man every sexually charged word that comes out of that EX demons mouth is like liquid fire to my undies. They seriously just melt right off like ice cream!!


Wait, that sounded weird, but u get what I'm sayin right? Jerry has a dirty mouth and dear lord do I lo This review is being done as a guest review for Sugar and Spice Book Reviews Spoilers from book 1. Jerry has a dirty mouth and dear lord do I love him for it. So when we last seen Riona she was going through a tough moment in life. Hell that was a crap ass cliff hanger that had me yelling and flalling and cussing like my daddy taught me!! I was seriously devastated and sexually frustrated all at the same time.

Well OYGD starts a couple of weeks after said devastating cliff hanger. But up side Jerry got to come top side and send out his demon wigglies. Down side it was in Father Marc's very nice defined body. Talk about being a confused as hell!! Girl could go on Jerry Springer and use up the whole hour with how twisted her life is. I can understand her conflict in her girly bit department. And to boot we find out about her good ol' daddy. Who I want to say I didn't see coming.

I was completely blindsided by that. Not gonna lie I was so happy for Ramiel in that whole office scene!! I know it's wrong and dirty but come on he is any angel for Christ's sake!!

I would like to know what that ride is like! Anywho I loved the book. The twists and turns and pop up of new demons everywhere was just awesome and seriously fun filled most of the time. Hell even Buddha makes an appearance. Seriously funny shit right there. I love her sarcasm and really bad sense of humor. I appreciated her, probably the only one who did, but still I did. Again this book ended with lots and LOTS of questions left to answer. I seriously hope Killian can write fast because I'm gonna need book three pronto.

Hun and po

Now the down side to this book was I didn't get emotionally invested in the characters feelings. Except maybe all the sexual frustration. Most def felt those feelings. But at the end when the "fake" blah blah blah happened and Riona is like "well now my heart and head are in the same place lets do this shit for real" I wasn't feeling it.

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I didn't have a change of heart cuz seriously I've always been team "Him", but the story was so interesting and engaging that I didn't mind that part so much. It's probably cuz it was written in third POV and I generally don't get emotionally invested when a book is written like that. But I still loved it and would recommend it. Can't wait for book 3!!! Nov 14, Dirty Dayna rated it liked it Shelves: gifted-or-won , buddy-reads. May 29, Charlie rated it it was amazing Shelves: 5-stars-in Read other book reviews at Book Junkie Joint.

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Holy Drew Barrymore and the awesomeness of a thousand flying nunchucks! This book is crystal meth on paper and I am now a certified junkie! Not that I'm an addict, or that I advertise the use of drugs, because I don't. Thank you, dear Authoress, for summoning me to read and review this book for I have found heaven in a see of overrated cliches.

I'm being overly dramatic, ignore me. Thank goodness I learned from previously reading Book 1 in public, so I read this book inside my room, away from prying eyes. It would suffice to say that I did the right thing, because I really didn't want to be caught laughing out loud like a loony.

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As always, the writing is quirky! The story-line is thick with plot twists that keep surprising you at every turn. The humor is ever present and the dialogues are sarcastic and overall fun, which translates into me being a rabidly happy camper on sugar rush! The characters are also very unique. I mean hello, goddess Persephone making sinfully forbidden love with an archangel!

You just don't see Greek mythology interlace with Catholic characters in that position pun intended. Plus, we get to see Buddha being slapped by Riona, which I think, is pretty sweeeet. I should probably shut up because I might give out huge spoilers. And yes, typing in all-caps was necessary to express the joy and admiration I feel for Jerry Romani a.