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Think less princess, more Juno. In fact, the story was so hardcore that the Grimms released a second version, in , that was more toned down — but the original survives, and it's got some serious problems.

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Enjoy the seven most shocking aspects of it. The original story is driven by the frantic cravings of Rapunzel's mother, who sees a herb in the beautiful garden next to her own while pregnant, and starts craving it so madly that she demands that she must either eat it or die.

Women's bodies and pregnancy, for the Grimms, were such powerful, dangerous things that you had to do all kinds of worrying stuff to keep them happy — like, in Rapunzel's dad's case, climbing over a witch's garden wall and stealing herbs. Cravings weren't the body trying to get more nutrients; they were mothers being irrational and causing mega magical trouble.

The Grimms are pretty clear that it's Rapunzel's mother's irrational body we should blame for Rapunzel's fate, and not, say, a clearly manipulative gardener or some very strange legal shenanigans.


When the witch who owns the garden next door discovers Rapunzel's dad rooting in her hedgerows, she doesn't a call the night watch or b throw a flower pot at his head. She lets him take as much herb as he likes, on the condition that he gives her his child when it's born. Let's just sit with that one for a second: The witch gets a kid because her parents stole some of her veggie garden. And that's meant to be her being nice ; it's only after the father pleads and she feels merciful that she strikes that deal. Rapunzel being imprisoned as a child and raised by the witch in a doorless tower is pretty well-known: the famous long hair, incidentally, is described as "twenty ells long," which equates to thirty feet.

The prince, however, doesn't do what anybody else would do, which is try to at least talk to the girl several stories up in the air; instead, he pretends to be the witch and climbs up to her unannounced.

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The Grimm Brothers do at least note that Rapunzel was rightly terrified, because she'd never seen a man before in her life — at least until he sweet-talks her a bit. The two of them are also not particularly bright; neither of them thinks of cutting off the hair and using it to help Rapunzel climb down. They just keep meeting up at night — which, it turns out, means exactly what you think it means.

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In the original story, which the Grimms altered possibly for reasons of propriety, the witch discovers that her prize has been getting some because Rapunzel innocently asks why her waist band is getting bigger. That's right; she and the prince have been having premarital sex , but he didn't think to explain to his innocent, tower-dwelling girlfriend that getting pregnant was a thing.

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See what I mean about having no manners? The witch, however, is not an idiot, and knows exactly what this means.

In the later version, Rapunzel is simply a bit clueless, and asks why the witch weighs so much more than the prince who's also been climbing her hair. Menu Dictionary. Submit Definitions Synonyms Editorial All the words. Previous Word: Queen of Hearts. Next Word: Ricky Bobby.


Examples of Rapunzel. Why Rapunzel didn't just cut off her hair, knot it to something and climb down it herself is testimony to the power of Stockholm Syndrome. JR Thorpe, Bustle , March, Where does Rapunzel come from? Who uses Rapunzel?

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