Love Under Two Adventurers [The Lusty, Texas Collection] (Siren Publishing Menage Everlasting) (The Lusty, Texas Series)

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He first appeared in a "Fantastic Four" issue. The Acheron is a river in Greece, and in Greek mythology, it is one of the rivers in the Underworld. To some religions, psychopomps are creatures or spirts whose job it is to guide a deceased spirit to the afterlife. The Batibat is a demon found in Ilocano folklore, and a similar demon is called Bangungot in Tagalog folklore. The word means "nightmare" in Tagalog. While various comic and movie posters cover his walls, Harvey also honors Archie Comics. Known in ancient Egypt as Apep, he is the spirit of evil and destruction.

He's also holding a pizza from Persephone's. Persephone is the Greek goddess of vegetation. Considering the baby brings Hilda a lot of joy, it makes sense that Leticia comes from the Latin word laetitia, meaning joy and gladness. As depicted in the Bible, King Herod ordered the execution of all male children two years old and under in Bethlehem during his reign following Jesus' birth. It became known as the Massacre of Innocents. Jingles the Elf is a magical elf featured in Archie Comics. He visits Riverdale during Christmas and hangs with Archie and his gang.

by Robert Louis Stevenson

Bartel plays Santa at Christmas, but his name is a variation on a creature known as the Krampus in European folklore. The Krampus is a half-goat, half-demon creature who is said to punish kids who have been bad. Yule or Yuletide is a pagan festival celebrated by the Germanic peoples during the Winter Solstice.

Burning the Yule log is a more modern tradition, and though the origin is unclear, it's meant to symbolize good versus evil. The fire burning is meant to bring good luck. She is supposed to eat bad children and sends her kids, the Yule Lads, to terrorize towns. Desmelda is a witch from the first half of the season. Miss Wardwell takes Sabrina and the Weird Sisters to the witch's home in the woods where they learn the story about how she rejected being queen after the Feast of Feasts.

Sabrina says "Satan bless us, every one," as a toast towards the end of the episode. It's a reference to Tiny Tim's quote, "God bless us, every one," from the Dickens story. Ambrose then reads from the story. Additionally, the episode ends with a bell and three demons emerging from the Greendale mines. In "A Christmas Carol," Scrooge is visited by three different ghosts.


Anjelica Oswald. Facebook Icon The letter F. Her engagement to Lewis, the son of the Earl of Huntingdon was brazenly canceled and her life spiraled down. All she was left with is her family and writing. Now, she has no option but to try and stand on her own feet again. Will she be able to overcome rejection and find true love again?

A dirty talking, kinky alpha. Abundance of steamy moments. Two damaged souls learning to trust. Kaisaes before her have died or gone mad. What really happened to her beloved mother? And what drove her poor Granny Rube insane? Book 4: Her Greek Partner. Book 3: Her Greek Inheritance.

Book 2: Her Greek Protector. Book 1: Her Greek Bodyguard.

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  • The familiar's names all have special meanings.!
  • SICK and TWISTED Ian Huntley the Soham Killer.

Get this amazing box set for free now. Get it now! Two second chances. Three little texts. And nine months of OMG! Former child star, Charlie Klein, heads back home to Texas after struggling in Hollywood and runs into the sheriff of their small town — the boy she loved and lost and never stopped loving. But can this passionate fling become something lasting?

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And will Sophie give in or stick to her wits? Do the terrorists know more than Mick thinks they do? Each of the books stands alone but connects the characters as they heal hurts and find love. Small-town waitress Kymberly Sommers is faced with that very question. Mike Knightson is the perfect guy — gorgeous, charming, knows how to handle a woman — but will it be enough? Find out in this steamy and provocative Shifter Romance.

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A man afraid of nothing. A plan as old as time.

Until… A woman falling in love. A man already there. The Koda Alphas are willing to go to any lengths to prove that a walk on the wild side makes for the perfect romance of all. Kindle Eagle Eye Security by Camilla Blake: What starts out as a light security job for Kincaid turns explosive as a young bartender named Mindy becomes the target of both a car bomb and a personalized, at home booby trap. An emotionally gripping romance set in Philadelphia and Kentucky! When Daniel discovers the truth of his parentage, he abandons Philadelphia for the frontier.

But will his search for his true father get in the way of his budding love for beautiful Ann? Kindle Are these books no longer free? I thought by running I would be safe. Instead, the monster hunts me. Running from a madman, Darla finds safety in the arms of a retired assassin turned security specialist. Can Troy find redemption in the love of a broken woman? One isolated rock star. Life at the top is lonely, but so is life at the bottom.

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  6. Come with them on a whirlwind European tour and find out if they fall in love… or crash and burn. Kindle The Captain of Her Betrayed Heart by Abigail Agar: After what should have been one of the happiest nights of her life turned tragic, Gwyn decides to run away from England and everything she knew and loved. For four years, she lived in India far away from memories of the man who had broken her heart to pieces.

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    But then, an urgent letter suddenly arrives and beckons her to return home! Kindle Nothing But Trouble Irresistible Billionaires Book 1 by Ashley Bostock: Billionaire website mogul Michael Vilander creating a fake profile on his dating site to find a date may not have been the brightest thing to do, but desperate times and all. One month to fake it? No problem… right?

    She says she wants one night with me before she loses her vision. One thing I do know, though? One night is damn sure not going to cut it for me. To make matters worse, undercover drug cop Christian Delacroix shows up, sending her lust meter into hyper-drive. The enticing blonde he remembers well seems equally surprised. With her fun, fast-paced job as a soccer journalist, she has no time to settle down.