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Social Copywriting Tips for the 5 Big Social Media Networks

Hey Brian, knowledge bomb, as usual. However I feel that batching all the things influencers share , filter whats relevant from whats not… and ultimately niche it down to identify which exact type of content is hot in order to build our own is a bit fuzzy. But it increases the odds significantly. In my experience, the key is looking at your influencers like customers.

Study them and the answers will bubble up. Hi Brian, Great article as always. My wife is about to start a business about teaching mainly Mums how to film and edit little movies of their loved ones for posterity www. Keep up the great work. Cheers Kim. Hi Brian! I enjoy reading your posts and use as much info as I possibly can. I build and sell storage sheds and cabins. The problem I have is that there are no top bloggers in my market or wikipedia articles with deadlinks that have to do with my market. Would love to get more organic traffic and would be interested in your thoughts concerning this.

But what about those “Active User” numbers? Just how many people are actually there?

But there are literally hundreds in the closely-related home improvement and DIY space. You can create some content on your site just for your influencers. Thanks for the great information. I would say that I need to re-write some of my articles, but what I sense from reading this is, I need to get my present content out there in a different way.

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No problem, Charlie. Or you can start fresh. Up to you.

Video Tour of Google+, Google's Social Network

It has to be one of the best ways to create that shareable bite-sized content from your write-up. We provide free diet consulting but how can i increase more traffic and get more leads? Great job Brian. Thanks for the useful post.

Google Plus Ghost Town : My Open Letter To The Misguided Reporters | Amanda Blain

I am working on SEO stratagies for my company and after reading your post, now i need to rethink about my stratagies. I am desperately looking forward about your new SEO material release. My question to you is, how do i find influential people bloggers related to my industry? Thanks Amit. Because the technology is high-tech, you may want to target technology blogs and journalists. Then tailor your content around that. Thank you very much. My site is about public speaking and give presentation at work. Career sites? Entrepreneur blogs?

Thank you in advance! Thanks Brian, I actually had to read this post twice. But what a awesome piece of information. I like those share triggers a lot. Great for starting bloggers like me!

  • [PDF] Secrets of Google+ - How to Explode Your Google+ Circles (Social Media Rocket Series Book 1).
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  • Today I learned new thing. Thanks man! My website is niche specific re growing orchids and yet my traffic is almost NIL. Influencers: Home and Garden blogs and journalists that cover gardening specifically flowers. Sounds like a great start, Sandra. Or one that influencers tend to cover. No doubt great post brian as always..

    Thanks Parth. There are a lot of factors that go into that. Like the niche, your content, the influencer etc. Hard to say without knowing the specifics. Hi Brian, I love to read your all articles even if it be long article, because I can not control myself to read those to bottom. I read this article and it covered most of my confusion like find experts and influencers, I work for a client he does sell rfid tags for cylinder and for paring.

    What is a Facebook Page For?

    Who would be influecers? Thanks Umesh. You may even want to ask your client what blogs he reads.

    Thanks Brian, for the reply. I think you are right I should ask them. I am eagerly waiting for your next post about share triggers. Thankyou Brian for your reply..

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    I am using all your strategies.. I love this! This is exactly me. Social media barely works, but guest posting or somehow connecting with influencers is an excellent idea. So when we have the chance to talk to them, we would sound much smarter. Thanks Nader. Leave it to Jon to say it best.

    Google Secrets!

    Brian, your seo tips keep me coming back for more. I would love to enroll in the seo that works class. Please make the price affordable. I recently started a website that provides free craft templates for kids that like to read from ages Influencers: children craft blogs and parents that like to read and do arts and crafts with their children. I will definitely do more research on influencers on my niche, now I have to figure out how to get their attention with my kind of content.