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Another pole — from the same tree felled two years ago — is being worked on. The completed totem outside Sheldon High School, July 16, Credit Margaret Bull. She says The original totem pole at Sheldon Community Center was donated to the City many years ago and had fallen into significant disrepair, to the degree that it had to be replaced. View the discussion thread.

Local Native Americans held resetting ceremonies for two renovated totem poles for the City of Eugene Saturday. Graduation rates and attendance are low, while dropouts are high. Listen Live. Share Tweet Email. View Slideshow 1 of Left: the raw log in late fall ; Right: The finished totem pole July 16, View Slideshow 2 of View Slideshow 3 of Master carver Vic Hansen sculpted a model of the planned totem pole early on. View Slideshow 4 of View Slideshow 5 of View Slideshow 6 of Many months were spent chipping away bark and creating shapes into the surface.

View Slideshow 7 of In time, the animals began to take on more distinctive outlines and depth. View Slideshow 8 of Master carver Vic Hansen and assistant master carver Lawrence Headly review a student's progress. View Slideshow 9 of Detail work will eventually make the beaver's teeth "pop", as well as other features.

View Slideshow 10 of Finer details were done by senior carvers, such as the beaver's tail. View Slideshow 11 of The salmon and orca's fin are separate components to the totem pole.

Totem pole | Definition of Totem pole at

View Slideshow 12 of By late , sanding had wrapped up enough to permit painting. View Slideshow 13 of View Slideshow 14 of View Slideshow 15 of Copper plating was added for protection and highlighting parts like the orca's fin. View Slideshow 16 of The raven has a copper crown, as well as wings.

View Slideshow 17 of Among the later details is a flower symbolizing missing and murdered indigenous women.

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View Slideshow 18 of On July 16, a crane elevated the completed totem pole at Sheldon High School. View Slideshow 19 of Assistant master carver Lawrence Headly secures the totem pole to a steel beam. View Slideshow 20 of Totem Poles unknown. Highest perscription of Xanax.

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Long white 2 mg. I'm stressed What are you going to do tonight? I am gonna eat some totem poles and get wasted. Its a replacement word for " totally ".

Stacking and having sex with two midgets preferably twins while standing. One midget stands on the other's shoulders. You are making out with the top midget while the bottom one gives you head. I was wasted last night on Carman 6 and the RA walked in on me totem poling these two bitches.

Totem Poles: Myth and Fact

I saw these two midget twins and thought "I am so gonna totem pole these bitches". When at least five gay or curious guys watch a movie on a couch and enter each other by sitting on one another's laps. Being the bottom of the totem pole is the straightest position, whereas the top is the gayest.

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Basically a vertical train. Hey guys, lets watch wanted with no pant on The act of pooping , where a single log of poop touches the bowl of the toilet while still attached to the anus.