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I spent Sundays in the city centre weaving between hordes of visitors. I tried not to appear like a whacko as I stroked the rough stones of the Medici homes and other palazzos with my eyes closed trying to absorb their memories through my fingertips. Passing the cathedral with its marvel of architectural engineering, the Duomo, I felt possessive and protective. How lucky I am to live here, I thought as I pushed past the camera-toting crowds jostling to get inside. The ancient rhythms of this magnificent city had embraced my soul unconditionally, and I could travel back to a city realizing its glory and relive the past anytime I wanted.

Sitting in the garden of my fourteenth-century farmhouse, I was relaxing under the midnight stars as a full golden moon watched over me. Without warning ideas like drifting leaves flooded my mind.

When Angels Fall

The next morning, in the clutches of vision, I sat at my laptop staring at the screen and thought and thought and thought. Once I knew the direction of my story, the words poured forth, hour after hour, day after day. I had the means to take others along on a journey to a time and place in history that chiselled the future forever, and I was excited.

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Every night, I climbed into bed and asked for guidance. I had read that some of the greatest minds believed they were only the mechanism through which solutions flowed and that these came from a higher power.

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Writing became a spiritual, cathartic almost magical experience. I hardly went anywhere and had to force myself to eat and move when my stomach howled, and my ankles became swollen. The social life diminished with the regular exercise regimen as I hardly noticed the hours passing.

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I wrote and researched then wrote some more. The time had come to move, and I did not write for more than four months after I left Florence. Brain drain had set in. The mundane had dampened the inspiration and the wolf was at the door. I was mentally exhausted and happy to step back and wait for the next wave of illumination.

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Born in London, Hillary is a published author and screenwriter whose life has taken her down many thrilling but sometimes bumpy roads. A life well-traveled, from the U.

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The road did not stop there. Two years in Spain , five years in Italy, and now France. A year living in Florence was, literally, a whole new awakening. She was inspired to write. Hillary specializes in writing crime fiction in the vein of Agatha Christie , so it was only natural that hours spent mulling over the ever-sharp skilful sleuthing of Sherlock Holmes , the little finicky Belgian Hercule Poirot and his grey cells and of course, one of her favourites, the darling old codger Miss Marple , should lead eventually to a career in sleuthing.